Evergreen Remembrance Conclave No 229

It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce the official induction of two exceptional individuals, Hardip Singh Ubhi and Tom Stiles, into the esteemed Order of the Secret Monitor. 

These two highly regarded individuals were admitted as Princes of the Order by the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler for the Province of Warwickshire, in conjunction with the Supreme Ruler of Evergreen Remembrance Conclave No 229. 

The ceremony was filled with a profound sense of significance and tradition, highlighting the deep meanings and values that the Order represents. 

We greatly anticipate the positive contributions that these two new Princes will bring to the Order, as their dedication to the principles of the organization reflect the foundation upon which it was established. We are privileged to welcome these new members into our community and look forward to their involvement in future events and activities of the Order.