Regalia of the Order

The Order has a unique system of dress and insignia for their members. A newly inducted brother, upon joining, is bestowed with a breast jewel that has been pre-supplied by the Conclave.

This jewel signifies the start of their journey within the Order. After completing the second degree, the brother is given an identical jewel, only this time it is suspended from a ribbon of a different color. Additionally, in the first degree, officers below the rank of Provincial Grand Officer proudly wear a crimson-colored sash. However, once they progress to the second degree, all officers, regardless of rank, don the Prince’s sash.

Moving up the ranks, a Supreme Ruler of the Order, equivalent to a Worshipful Master in other organizations, wears a prestigious jewel suspended from a fancy collarette, as well as a sash adorned with the letters SR. Upon commissioning, a violet robe, which is beautifully edged with yellow, completes the outfit for the Supreme Ruler.

On the other hand, a Provincial Officer proudly displays a blue sash that is elegantly finished with gold edging, with the rank of their office being embroidered onto the sash. Finally, a Grand Officer wears a deep crimson sash, embroidered meticulously with gold thread. Both Provincial and Grand Officers also wear stunning collarettes and jewels that complete their impressive attire.

A Provincial Officer wears a sash of blue edged with gold upon which is embroidered the rank of his office. A Grand Officer wears a crimson sash embroidered in gold.

Provincial and Grand Officers also wear a collarette and jewel.