Welcome to the Provincial Grand Conclave of Warwickshire!
What greater themes could one wish for in any Masonic Order than those of friendship and caring? This is principally what The Order of the Secret Monitor is about. Here you can find a brief history of the Order, about the Regalia required, the Conclaves which make up the Provincial Grand Conclave of Warwickshire, the current Provincial Officers and how to contact us for more information.
The Brotherhood of David and Jonathan or the Order of the Secret Monitor’s ceremonies as with many factors in Freemasonry typically surround a story or legend and this order is based upon the remarkable friendship which existed between David and Jonathan as can be found in the Bible in the Book of Samuel Chapters XX, XX11 and XX111.

The Brotherhood of David and Jonathan, or the Order of the Secret Monitor as it is known, is one of the fastest growing Masonic Orders in the United Kingdom and the only qualification for membership is that of being a Master Mason of good standing.

The order is administered by Mark Masons’ Hall at 86 St. James’s Street, London SWI and governed by the Grand Supreme Ruler, Most Worthy Brother Andrew C. Sweeney, a Warwickshire Mason who will be well known to many in the Province.

Anyone seeking to improve their Masonic knowledge would find great satisfaction in this beautiful degree in Freemasonry, which is the essence of our whole structure namely Brotherly Love.

All of our units (or Conclaves as they are known), meet three times annually in a number of different venues in Warwickshire.  An invitation to join is not required. The Order of the Secret Monitor is a particularly good Order for Masons who are interested in knowing more about Masonry, and share a sense of fraternal brotherhood with their fellow members. Any member will be pleased to discuss the Order, should you be interested in finding out more information or considering joining.

Anyone interested in obtaining further information should contact the Provincial Grand Recorder via Email: dennispotter@sky.com

Yours fraternally

R.Wy.Bro. Dennis Freshwater
Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Bound Together in Close Friendship -

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