Arch of Steel

Becoming a member of the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler’s Arch of Steel presents a great opportunity for members below the chair to get around the Province and meet new friends in the Order. There is nothing quite like turning out in your distinctive regalia and sword to accompany the Rulers as they perform their duties and visit Conclaves.

If you wish to be considered for membership of the Arch of Steel, we encourage you to chat with the current members when they visit your Conclave. They will often be found sitting with the junior Brethren at Festive Boards. Don’t be shy, just ask. The members of the Arch of Steel will happily discuss their experiences and remember, the Commander of the Arch of Steel  and his Deputy are always on the lookout for new talent!

When you are invited to join the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler will personally induct you into this distinguished band of Brothers and invest you with your Sash, Sword and Collarette, which you may wear with pride at any meetings you attend. You will become a valued member of the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler’s team, with responsibilities that we are sure you will relish and enjoy.

Arch of Steel officers

Wy Bro. David Ursell
Bro. Hardip Ubhi
Bro. Jonathan Castle
Bro. Mo Brahimi
Bro. Paul Fernandez-Montes
Bro. Royden Dawson
Bro. Seb Samperi

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