Lord Leycester Lodge No 7889

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler R. Wy. Bro Dennis Freshwater led a group of esteemed Warwickshire Secret Monitors on a visit to the illustrious Lord Leycester Lodge No 7889. The purpose of their visit was to provide support and camaraderie for fellow members of the Provincial Grand Conclave of Warwickshire.

The ceremony that day was truly remarkable. The Grand Visiting Deacon, Wy. Bro Hosey Davoudian, executed a flawless installation of Bro. Simon Morris, a highly respected member of the PGSR’s Arch of Steel, as Master of the Lodge. The entire assembly was filled with a sense of pride and honor as other members of Warwickshire OSM were appointed to offices of significance within the Lodge, including Wy. Bro John Peakman and Bro. Allen Solanki.

With such a talented and devoted team of leaders, we are confident that Lord Leycester Lodge No 7889 will undoubtedly flourish in the coming year. Congratulations to all on this incredible accomplishment.