Warwickshire Sponsored Slim for the OSMBF

R.Wy.Bro. Trevor Cavill, Prov.G.S.R. for Warwickshire, and Wy.Bro. Neil Watkin, Prov.G.Rec. and Dep.Prov.G.S.R. Designate, have embarked on a Sponsored Slim to raise donations for the OSM Benevolent Fund. 

With the help of the Provinces of Durham and Devonshire, and individual donations, they have now raised nearly £600 towards the OSM Benevolent Fund since 15 June – plus both have already lost weight; Neil has lost half a stone, and Trevor has managed a massive loss of over a stone!

Anything donated to this effort goes to Mark Masons’ Hall in the name of the Province or Brother donating, and it helps to encourage Trevor and Neil lose weight. The OSMBF will in turn use this money for charitable grants and match funding to help projects in your area.

Our hearty congratulations to Trevor and Neil, and to all those who have donated or pledged support – especially to Durham and Devonshire who have given fantastic support through their generosity.

R.Wy.Bro. Trevor Cavill being presented with a cheque from R.Wy.Bro. Roger Guest, Prov.G.S.R. for Devonshire, and his Dep.Prov.G.S.R. John Whitfield last Saturday at what was a fantastic Provincial Meeting in Plymouth. 

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