Woodloes Conclave No 414 and visitors assembled at Guy’s Cliffe

On a beautiful day at the historic Guy’s Cliffe, members of the esteemed Woodloes Conclave No 414, as well as visitors from far and wide, gathered to partake in a truly fantastic morning. 

The day started with a delicious and satisfying breakfast, where everyone could enjoy a range of mouthwatering delights. After this delightful meal, the group moved on to the business at hand. 

The reason for this gathering was to declare an esteemed member of their community to be the new Supreme Ruler for the upcoming year. 

This honorary position was awarded to none other than the highly respected Worthy Brother, Rob Burns, who also happens to serve as the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies. 

This significant moment was marked with a solemn yet celebratory proclamation carried out by none other than the distinguished Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, adding an extra touch of importance and significance to an already momentous occasion.

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